What Having a Spiritual Home Means To Us

Over two years ago my wife Anne and I walked into Church of The Atonement looking for a church home. It had been many many years since we had attended church regularly and Anne had found Atonement on a web search. We thought we might give it a try. Naturally as newcomers we were nervous and unsure of what we might find.

When Anne related that we’d be attending Atonement that coming Sunday it gave me a good hearty laugh, “Atonement… is God trying to tell me something?” Truthfully, the name really gave me pause for reflection. There was a certain resonance echoing in my head. Some of it was comfortable and some of it wasn’t. It felt like a call and it also felt like a conviction.

If you break the word down it becomes at-one-ment. The dictionary goes further and defines the word as, “the reconciliation of God and humankind through the redemptive life, death and resurrection of Christ”. The internal question circling inside my brain was one of making a choice between my pride or  letting God open up the path of healing.

Walking in that very first time we were met with welcoming smiles and genuine warmth. We both instinctively knew that we had found our home. There’s a generosity of spirit at Atonement that’s hard to put into words. In our church the people are exactly who they say they are. We are a community that accepts people just as they are without pretense or affectation. As faithful people there is also a sense of belonging and true fellowship.

Our parish loves to share. We are a praying community knowing that Christ answers our prayers. We know that through him and with our faith, direction and guidance is always provided.

We invite you to join us!

Lenten Reflections for 2015

During a recent phone conversation my sister-in law she invited me to take a look at her parish website in Del Mar, CA . Here is the link to a very good daily Lenten Daily Reflection series that the parishioners have come up with. The meditations on passages from Scripture are quite insightful: http://www.stpetersdelmar.net/files/reflections_for_lent_2015_final.pdf




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